Chico Pediatric Dentistry
These guys are the best! Not only do they carry a high standard of quality, each of them Sam, Payden, Will, Charlie, Jeff, Caleb and Dylan bring a unique and personal touch with them. Our office has been working with this great group of guys for over 6 years and they always come through for us. Knowing them has enriched our office IT experiences in a positive way and they are always willing to train and teach our staff to help with the quick fixes. Any office that has hired or is considering hiring them will truly be blessed. We appreciate and welcome them like family and look forward to working alongside them for many years to come.
Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance and Financial Services
Our Agency has worked with Chico IT and now Logiic, Inc. for many years. We have found Payden, Sam, and Charlie to be very responsive to calls with questions or issues on our computer systems. We would recommend them as a service provider for your on-going computer needs.
River Oaks Dental
I'd say they have been the best IT company we have ever worked with. They are quick to our responses, very knowledgeable, and very great at what they do. All of the techs are very nice, and never have they given any of us any reason to complain. I feel their firm uses top of the line equipment, but lets us know what is the next best solution for us to help us meet our financial needs, and still get us what we need.
Bob’s Air Repair
We here at Bob’s Air Repair are grateful to have company like Logiic, Inc. at our fingertips. They are always there to answer questions and to help with anything we need. All the Techs there at Logiic, Inc. are very professional and knowledgeable. They take the time to explain things to us when needed. We would refer them to anyone who needs an awesome IT company.