Do you work on more than just Windows based computers?

Yes, we actually work on a variety of operating systems, including: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu, and Chrome OS among others.

Do you work on mobile devices?

Yes, we work on Android, Apple iOS, and Windows mobile devices.

Can I get help from Logiic even if I’m not a business?

Yes, we offer IT solutions to residential and student clients in addition to businesses.

Can I hire Logiic to design my website?

No. Though we do offer solutions to help with a website’s backend, we are not a web design business. We can however, refer you to a quality web design firm upon request.

Can you wire cables throughout my business or home?

No, we do not currently run cables throughout a full structure. We do offer cable termination, wall mount/faceplate installation, and other solutions that don’t require an attic or crawlspace. Please inquire if you have a specific request. We do consult on the design of cabling for remodels and new structures. Making IT design part of the planning for your new office will help ensure your network is the fast and secure backbone it needs to be!

Is same day service available?

Absolutely, we do offer same day service.

Are you open on Fridays?

Yes, we are open on Fridays in a clerical capacity. Fridays are reserved for clerical work, large projects, and appointments. Of course, we’re always available in the case of an emergency!

Is Logiic open on weekends or at night?

Nights and weekends are available by advanced reservation or in the event of an IT emergency (emergency rates apply).

If I have an emergency, how soon can I expect a response?

At Logiic, we guarantee a response to emergencies within 4 hours or less, day and night!

What forms of communication can I use to contact Logiic?

You can contact us anytime via telephone, email, and even text message. If it’s outside of normal business hours, we still monitor all communications 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Is work only done at an hourly rate, or are there other options available?

We have very flexible service packages that are scalable to your specific needs. These service packages offer discounted time on our hourly rates, along with many other great benefits.

If the business I work for has a contract with Logiic, does that help me with any personal IT help I might need?

Yes! Even though your work’s contract with us won’t cover your personal IT needs directly, as an employee of a contracted client, you are entitled to discounted rates!