Welcome to Logiic, Inc.

Logiic strives to treat our clients and their technology needs as though we are an extension of their business. For us, becoming our clients’ technology partner is not just about fixing their technical issues, it’s about finding solutions for current problems, preventing future problems, and optimizing business processes for ongoing success. It is our goal to leverage industry-tailored solutions to help partner organizations streamline operations and maximize data security.

Logiic, Inc. is a new venture brought to you by Business Technology Solutions and Chico IT Solutions. Even though Logiic is new to the North State, it boasts over 25 years of cumulative experience in the IT industry. Leaving it poised to offer a suite of services and level of quality that far exceed the sum of its two parts! Payden Womack and Jeff Wolff came to respect each other competitively over the years and in early 2017 began discussing what a strategic partnership might look like. In the end, and in many ways the beginning, Logiic, Inc. was formed. They created the business on a foundation of open, transparent, and frequent communication with their clients. When you choose Logiic, Inc. for your IT needs, you’re choosing a partner that cares and is wholly invested in your success!

Payden Womack, President

Payden Womack has been repairing, building and maintaining computers for over 19 years. Challenging out of most college degree computer classes, he graduated with several certifications in Windows, Servers, SQL, Cisco, MSP, A+, etc. Payden owned Chico IT for 5 of its 9 years of operation prior to forming Logiic. He is an avid video gamer and tech enthusiast. He has lived in Paradise for over 20 years and played football at Paradise High.

Will Womack, Service Technician

Will has been working in IT related fields for over 10 years. His educational background is in Computer Engineering and he has been a computer enthusiast since the beginning of the PC era. He enjoys the challenge of solving complex computer problems, which was one of the driving factors to him entering the field. Will and his family have lived in Paradise for over 20 years and love the North State.

Sam Mordecai, Service Technician

Sam began his time in tech as an intern for Chico IT. Showing great aptitude he quickly moved into the role of technician, while continuing to pursue his education in computer science. Sam has now worked in a professional IT environment for over 4 years. While not a Butte native, Sam grew up in Paradise after moving there in 1994. He is very fond of what the area has to offer and likes spending his free time outdoors, especially hiking to new swimming holes!

Caleb Smith, Service Technician

Caleb started in IT as an intern with Butte College over 7 years ago. Wanting to continue supporting educational IT following his internship he joined the tech team at Paradise Unified School District and has been working with education ever since. Until recently, he had been part of a barbershop chorus/quartet for over 15 years. Now he spends his time with a book relaxing in the mountains whenever possible.

Dylan Murufas, Service Technician

Dylan began working in the IT field at Milestone Technologies, where he supported numerous Google products and services. Dylan quickly developed a passion for technology and now Manages our CloudCoin Sales and is a Tier 1 Service Technician. Dylans’ hobbies include motorcycle riding, Jiu jitsu, and creating content on YouTube.

Kyle Gunderson, Service Technician

Kyle began his career in IT at very young age working on his personal computer, as well as the computers of friends and family. Kyle has developed a strong understanding of the inner workings of Windows OS. Kyle’s hobbies include working on his car, bicycle riding and collecting Funko POPS.